Turri conquers Teheran

Turri confirms the value of the international development plan started last year, launching a new single-brand showroom in Teheran. Following the strategic openings in Milan and Groznij – Chechnya – the brand  aims to conquer also the emerging, Iranian market that offers large possibilities in terms of development.

The location is strategic: the store is located within the Nigen Tower, where 300 square meters of exhibition space are embellished by the multiple Turri collections. From Vogue to Diamond through Caractere; those are few lines of products within the showroom that are characterized by the contemporary concept. The first one illustrates creations for the living, elegant and luxury. The simple and refined mood of Diamond furnishes the night area, while exclusive materials of Caractere’s table and seats are perfectly intergrated in the dining room.

The high-quality of the brand production is spreaded by the partner Bam Va Ofogh, Middle-Easter distributor that collaborates with multiple Italian company.