Poltrona Frau reveals its best dealers

Naples and Cape Town, Carnaby and Kehlbeck Einrichtungshaus are respectively the Flagship Stores and the Branded Spaces awarded by Poltrona Frau in occasion of the contest Excellent Shop 2015. At its third edition, the award aims to support Italian as well as EMEA’s countries that follow the standars and represent the brand philosophy within their spaces.

The store in Campania region is in pole position for the Italian category, while among the Middle Eastern, African and European countries, Cape Town overtakes Minsk (Belarus) and Wien (Austria). In ascending order, the EMEA spaces of Poltrona Frau on the podium are Moebelhandel Jung E.K in Mainz (Germany), the Latvian Inspira – Riga – and at the top the shop in Oyten, Germany. In the Bel Paese, Oggetti d’autore, Interni and Carnaby in Bergamo, Forlì and Milan stand out.

There are three partecipation requirements imposed by the brand: exclusive exhibiting of the Poltrona Frau products; reaching a minimum turnover during the latest year; having enough length space. The jury considered the rest, awarding the exhibition concept and the characteristic materials within the store – as the logo and the blow-ups – together with the presence of decorative elements and an excellent local management.