Provasi seduces the UK

The English public was always fascinated by the Classic Made in italy. Who would be able to illustrate the essence of Italian luxury better than Provasi? That’s why the brand opened an exclusive store in London, within the Design Centre East Chelsea Harbour. The new flagship store was launched on Wednesday, June 15 with a welcome cocktail party.

Strategic the location: «Provasi has always been present during the years in the Uk market – as Gabriele Provasi, architect and creative director of the namesake brand, declared – But this opening declares a growth of the company. London is famous for its variety of cultures, so we believe there will be many more people with different points of view that can appreciate our tradition».

Representative products, that shape the company’s philosophy, are diclocated within the strategic location, central point in which merge all the most important brands in the design sphere. From the Paris sofa to the Parigi Vintage library, from Mirò pouffs to the Dalì bed each creation reflects the core values Provasi has set its strong roots on: excellence, quality, elegance. Besides the pieces that most represent the company at the flagship store, Home Collection is displayed (towels and bathrobes, bedsheets and pillows, as well as the curtains and trimmings). The intent is to make the client feel like he is at home.

Povasi anticipated the recent renovation tendency of most classic companies; it didn’t lose its roots and  personality, but it gives them a modern style. New patterns, textures and fabrics are matched with luxury carvings and inlays, feature that is widely appreciated in the UK.