Lago savoir-faire scales the Eiffel Tower

When the architect Gustave Eiffel designed the iconic Parisian tower, he never considered that it might be a place where guests stayed the night. However, to mark the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament, the Eiffel Tower is doing just that, with Lago the brand chosen by HomeAway to give a contemporary, exclusive finish to the apartment situated inside the tower. The apartment – suspended 57 metres up in the Paris sky – offers guests a unique vantage point of the city of love.

Only a select few will be able to stay in this exclusive pad: the #EiffelTowerAllYours competition – which has been running on holiday home company HomeAway’s website ahead of the tournament – will crown four lucky winners, each one of whom will get the chance to spend a night in the tower with five family members or friends, watching the big-screen protection of the matches from on high. The nights in question are 23 June, 28 June, 4 July or 8 July.
The crowning glory of a memorable evening for the guests will be Lago’s flawless interior design. The lightweight, modular feel so distinctive of the brand means that Lago’s products are perfect for such a stunning setting. Moreover, that the apartment was fully furnished in just two days speaks volume of the genius of designer Benoit Leleu, who did a wonderful job in transforming what is usually a simple conference room into a Haussmann-style residence.

Lago’s Air bed features two glass legs, ensuring it balances perfectly with the overall style of the bedroom, while the living area is kitted out with the Air sofa and Tangram bookcase.
«The idea of an apartment suspended over Paris was perfectly in sync with one of the cornerstones of our design ethos: lightness,» explains Lago CEO and Art Director Daniele Lago. «This collaboration is further confirmation of our ability to open up new frontiers in the hospitality industry, particularly after the success of the Lago Welcome project.»
The Welcome project – which has indeed had great success – creates personalised interiors for boutique hotels and B&Bs, using a modular design style to furnish reception spaces. The initiative was met with a particularly strong response in France, where Lago has now established itself in Saint-Tropez, Béziers and Cap d’Agde.