Past land spaces

The space in between, first retrospective exhibition dedicated to Oki Sato, where the Softer than Steel collection – designed by Studio nendo for Desalto – is the main character within the Design Museum in Holon. Unique mixture of diverse influences, coming from extremely different countries: the poetic, Japanese style illustrated in products realized by the Italian Desalto, achieving an eclectic result that found place in the Land of Israel.

Consecrated as key location for modern and contemporary design in Israel, Holon excitedly welcomed the exhibition, exploring the “space in-between”, un-designed: «The one in which Sato could not intervene, but where he actually powerfully does, carefully calculating operative-area left to light and air». Those are the words of Maria Cristina Didero, curator of the show, who organized more than 70 works of the Japanese designer in six, thematic categories. Between processes, Between textures, Between boundaries; and also, Between objects, between relationships and finally Between senses.

The theme became a narrative expedient to tell the story of a career, up to nowadays; an extraordinary career, marked by original projects and strategic collaborations, such as the one with Desalto. The eclectism of the collection Softer than Steel – in the heart of the exhibition, partner with Habitat – is shaped in a seat, a coat stand and three benches, in addition to different small tables and shelves. The steel becomes malleable in Oki Sato’s hands, who shapes it following flexible and sinuous lines. Avant-garde working systems, essential design and experimentation describe the operative method of the brand, which found in Studio nendo (founded by Sato) a perfect partner, able to give a decisive personality to its creations.