Tubes from primitivism to modernity

The majestic architectural sculpture by Satyendra Pakhalé for Tubes stands next the works of more than 30 designers from 17 different countries, in the context of the Venice Design 2016. The exhibition is hosted in the Venetian Palazzo Michiel from May 28th to November 27th – coinciding with the 15th edition of the Architecture Biennale. In this setting, design is portrayed from a new perspective: not only a sector that creates functional objects, but also an instrument capable of arousing emotions.

Carving the Senses is the title of the masterpiece that transforms the perception of the radiator, by incorporating add-On within a 3 meters tall structure, covered in Matteo Brioni’s clay. The collaboration between the Italian company specialized in radiators and the Indian designer shaped an ancestral and primitive idea, developing it in a contemporary form that aims to reach the senses; thus was born a piece that combines design and architecture, technology and nature.


According to the enlightening reflection of Satyendra Pakhalé “When an object is placed in an environment, it becomes architecture itself, just as demonstrated by the heater add-On. Architecture is not just a building, but is also the expression of the human capacity to live in the natural space through the shape. ”

After taking part to the exhibition curated by Aldo Cibic at the Art Biennale, Tubes confirms its presence in Venice for the second consecutive year, finding space even in the architectural context. “We renew our commitment to the promotion of values ​​such as the pursuit of excellence and the culture of the project,” concludes the CEO of the brand Cristiano Crosetta.