Genova’s sun shines above Unopiù

Unopiù widens its range of action: the Genova showroom has been recently inaugurated, the 13rd direct store in Italy, and a new one will open the doors in Rome, via Barberini, in few weeks.

The architect Martino Berghinz designed a space in the Ligurian centre that is coherent with the guidelines followed by the brand for the showroom in Madrid (launched last year), which present an airy setting within an essential open space. The products stand out against the walls that, from neutral, become violet in the side where few recesses welcome seats and other different proposals of the brand.

The 500 sqm of exhibition surface in via XII Ottobre (Piccapietra neighborhood) illustrate the attention for the location, strategic and fine, that offer benefits in terms of visibility.

Maurizio Motta – CEO of the company – highlights the elegance of the store: «I observed many people passing of the windows and everyone were positively surprised for our furniture, that are fully enhanced in this kind of space».

Unopiù – property of Bioera since the end of 2014 – is developing its potentialities with investments which aim to connect with an ageless public, passionate for accurate design and outdoor.