Dynamism in design for Fimes

A new-look Fimes is set to make their appearance at the Salone del Mobile this year. The furniture company has undergone a renovation in terms of product, philosophy and presentation at exhibition. The change in approach coincides with a change at the helm as the new generation of the Longoni family takes charge, who are aiming for a stronger presence in the contract and design sector. Thus the decision to research and come up with furniture solutions to proceed down this path. The first revolutionary offering is the Fimes Home Design collection: «An across-the-board selection that first and foremost is a useful tool for designers», explains the head of the company Mauro Longoni. The whole line is actually based on one single concept presented in different heights, depths, components and compositions. As a result you get many different products, like a walk-in closet, a large wardrobe and a small wardrobe. With the components and sizes fluctuating, you can furnish more than one area of the home maintaining a single style and model. The introduction of living-space furniture is an equally innovative decision from the brand, which has so far specialised solely in the sleeping areas, although still maintaining Fimes’s typically original and eclectic character.

«It’s our first careful step to approach the sector and test both the product and the customer-base – Mauro continues – However, we won’t stop at just the living room, in which the market is saturated with so many things on offer. We intend on developing solutions that ensure we can cover the full range of design necessities».

To start off with in this regard, you’re presented with their very first sofa that comes with a pouffe and a standard 40-cm depth wardrobe, equipped with extractable elements like small tables or a desk. Perfect for the cosmopolitan city where spaces are increasingly smaller and functionality is a must within interior design. Alongside this conversation about design, the new products for the sleeping area stand out, widening the Fimes collections in terms of closets and accessories – where materials such as raffia and clay are used for the first time – but also beds in particular. Infinity is perfect for the younger generation: accessible, bubbly and light. The most remarkable feature of this bed is the headboard made out of decorative panels in different shapes and sizes placed together. The Yugen bed has a more elegant allure and a simple refined design with high-quality fabrics lining the stuffed headboard for a more mature audience. Finally, a touch of imagination is added to the Royal bed which recalls the tradition of round rotating beds that marked the brand’s history and success. Another page has been added to this history with the addition of a lampshade illuminating the bed and simultaneously functioning as a container. «We’re always looking for something different and original. This has always been our philosophy and we’ve intensified it this year with our new products».