The mirror of desires

Every house could become a royal residence by the MP2’s proposals. Creating mirror elements timeless and valuable, the company – operating in Italy since 40 years – will partecipate in Project Gallery collective.

The charm of the element is timeless and – together with the luxury passion – gives to MP2 a decisive position within the general overview.

Also, the company is constantely searching innovative, up with the times solutions, whilst respecting the foundamental values. Antique Mirror Collection, White Mirror Collection and Black&White Collection illustrate this tendency; the classic and enduring style of Antique products is tied with the contemporaneity of Black&White, even if it is completely different.

Confortable in various contexts, the neoclassical lines of White Mirror Collection illuminates the environment without weighting it, thanks to the light’s refraction on the mirrors.

The company is opened to news, as the glass varnished in Black&White works, contemporary collection which aims to a different, versatile target.

However, it doesn’t renounce to the timeless classicism of the mirrors and frames with gold leaf, which embellish the custom-tailored furniture, realized for both exacting customers and contract projects – in the business, residential and hotel sectors.