Industry+ enchants Milan

The Singaporean brand Industry+, founded in 2014, makes its debut at Milan Design Week 2016. The name refers to progressive design and manufacturing, coupled with high-grade materials and innovative, handcrafted production methods. Industry+ aim is showcasing the contemporary ethos of Asian design; thus presents in Spazio Maria Calderara in via Lazzaretto new products by influent (not only) Asian designer.

Shallows is the creation by Kazunaga Sakashita, which combines a crystal vase, plant and water into one, beautiful and simple element. The water at the surface of the vase acts as a poetic expression for the vitality of the vessel’s function, to give life to the plant in which it contains. Far from natural elements, Ordinarian by Anon Pairot elevates the ubiquitous military gallon tank into a set of objets d’art, which also function as seating.

Different are the aluminium seats – Ebisu – by Jun Yasumoto, who re-interprets the humble soba chair with a contemporary profile. Dai Sugasawa illustrates same inclination for aluminium in his Bipod, a portable-usage table designed with mechanical precision, fully machined to achieve design efficiency. Moreover, Luxury Towers by Studio Juju combines crystal glass and enamels to create luxurious containers to house precious objects in.

New/Old Divider and Gabbia are two products that distance themselves for other creations, espetially for the materials. The first one is made by KIMU, who uses flexible elements that allow a transformative experience within spatial design. It is a divider that represents a combination of East and West – typical feature of the brand. Instead, traditional and industrial techniques are explored in Gabbia by Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira. Inspired by a simple woven basket, the Gabbia combines bamboo weave with the light-weight and colourful. Finally, the Tokyo Tribal collection by Nendo features stools, chairs, tables, and shelves that have been pro­duced to fit the modern urban living environment.

Industry+ also supports the alamak! exhibition, which explores contemporary aesthetics in Asia from April 2 to September 12 at XXI Triennale International Exhibition Milan.