Direct line to the Bourbon dinasty

Over a century and a half ago, Ferdinand IV, king of the Bourbon dinasty, gave birth to an experiment, unique in the world: a citadel of silk, San Leucio.

Annamaria Alois San Leucio finds its place inside this centuries-old tradition, and it is one of the last remaining workshops for the design and production of artistic fabrics. The company was founded in 1985 by the creative genius of an art daughter, Annamaria Alois, heir of a family from Briano, an hamlet overshadowed by the close Caserta’s Royal Palace.

In the past, the inhabitants of San Leucio were engaged in the production’s full cycle of precious fabrics, from cultivation of mulberry trees and silkworms breeding, to weaving damasks, brocades, lampas, ermisini, unique in quality, style, color.

The historic brand from Caserta respects this tradition through the production of unique fabrics, reproducing historical drawings by Bourbon archive but also giving shape to new ideas. The timeless classical patterns are visible in fabrics, trimmings and accessories by Annamaria Alois San Leucio. The international recognition is guaranteed by beauty, elegance and sophistication, strong points of the brand.