Marcel Wanders’ creativity contaminates Dubai

Marcel Wanders enthralls Dubai too. The Design Days event – launched on March 14 at The Venue, in the renowned d3 – becomes, in addition to being a worldwide and interactive event dedicated to contemporary design and art, an occasion for the Dutch designer’s debut. Wanders, considered an international design guru, presents his limited edition collection, Personal Editions, that illustrates his daring, natural and brilliant spirit, driven to the exploration of new horizons.

Overcoming the boundaries between functional and non-functional, Marcel Wanders wants to «celebrate humankind highlighting durability, warmth and imperfection. Handcrafted techniques and a sense of ornamentation dominate this collection and offer more surprises both to myself and to those who experience it». Strongly awaited, Wanders’ arrival is surely an inspiration source for young talents – as claimed by the President of the fair, Cyril Zammit. It is this bold personality to inaugurate the event by taking part to On the Crossroads between Art and Design, launching dialogue about the latest Pop Up Academy, established by Esra Lemmens.