Nahoor lights up M&O Asia

Nahoor is once again among the exhibitors that bring the Maison&Objet Asia arena to life. Showcased at the event are the unique models of the Brescian company, designed by William Pianta, Art Director and founder of the brand, the results of a contemporary reinterpretation of past styles, linked to technological innovations that are literally overwhelming the various production industries.

The basis of the Nahoor philosophy – in Aramaic the name means source of light – is a clean design, with geometric and extremely minimalist shapes that overcome any superfluous elements; thus, the materials and finishes acquire strength and splendor, ranging from marble to wood, from burnished brass to satin chrome.

The craftsmanship of each individual product makes Nahoor a centre of attraction within the international framework represented by Maison&Objet Asia, where it participates with different table and floor lighting systems.

Paradigmatic of the company’s way of thinking, Ecliss is a table lamp that embodies geometric design, refined materials, innovative taste and minimalist simplicity; a burnished brass hollow disc rests on an anise rectangular base, with an LED lighting system that winds throughout the inside of the circumference.

The circular pattern returns in Achillea, in this case in the form of a sphere that is off-centre with respect to the rectangular base on which it rests, while the Eileen, Mahari e Tamara table lamps feature even more squared motifs; the latter two are also available in a floor version, ideal for reading.