A living concept from Altamura

The Amura brand opened a new exhibition space in Milan, entirely designed by the Art Director Emanuel Gargano. The Flagship Store located in Piazzale Biancamano showcases the latest collections in two floors – for a total area of 400sq m – which recall the intention to approach the natural environment; starting from the brand’s name that gets different interpretations: solar eclipse in Tahitian, big smile in Japanese and love in Italian.

These living concepts combine minimalistic innovation to a mind-body harmony.

The Lapis modular surface features an effort of continuity with natural elements with its livid shades and polished materiality. From the aggregation of volumes originates Leonard, a sofa of extraordinary comfort and attention to the shape. The craftmanship of Amura products is clear in the modular Eresia and Parere bookcases. The perfect geometry of Eresia directly corresponds to the harmonious synergy between horizontality and verticality of Parere, where imagination and creativity confer a surplus to the product. The spatial play of full and empty can be observed not only in Eresia, but also in the Quattropietre coffee table, a timeless piece of furniture enhanced by its golden proportions. Four mounted levels confer to the Millefoglie table lightness and solidity.

Enlightened by the partner Penta, the new Flagship Store embraces the Mediterranean warmth, recalling the charm of Altamura city in Apulia.