The “style “ decoration as a language

Operating in the field of classic furniture since 1965, Mida has always proposed superior collections of period furniture. It draws from the splendors of times gone by, bringing them back to life in modern interior design projects for atmospheres of unrivaled glamour, thanks to the skilful ability of the most expert craftsmen. The inspiration for each product, from voluptuous Baroque to ineffable Louis XVI, results in charming atmospheres in which comfort and elegance are deployed in a vast decorative range and evident in the precious traditional craft skills. Those skills go hand in hand with the most advanced production technology.

Mida is nowadays a worldwide reality, well-known in the vast and articulated panorama of interior furnishing proposals. Located in Cabiate – economic heart of Brianza Lombardy – Mida proposes objects which are expression of the highest tradition of hand-made skill, typical of its area.

Extraordinary designs from royal palaces and castles are reproduced for today’s finest homes, marrying the philosophy that excellence is not limited to an era or style, and believing that true elegance and luxury are timeless and able to span cultures, centuries and lifestyles. With the focus on flexibility, customization and an even richer pallet of current finishes, fabrics, and decorations, Mida offers classic style furnishing solutions that are capable of molding any object to meet the most varied needs of its clients. Mida's creations are characterized by hand carvings on wood. Every piece is unique, marked by an extreme care for details that gives the idea that every product is realized as a Tailor-Made.

Quality first: Mida is synonymous for great experience and competence in the workmanship of wood: all products are in wood and realized with high quality with selected materials: carvings in solid wood, high level materials – hand-chiseled bronzes, marbles and artistic stones, elegant and precious fabrics and pure leather realized with  highly skilled workforce. Recent collections are marked by a elegant and brilliant apply of different kind of materials, where also single seams are performed with the maximum care.

Mida will be at Salone del Mobile of Milan 2016, Pad. 2, Progetto Gallery