Pedrali at the Scandinavian venue

Pedrali arrives in Stockholm. After Cologne and Paris, the Scandinavian city is the third European stop for the company since the beginning of 2016. A market akin to its unique taste and sensitivity. Nolita, Osaka, Nemea, Social are the latest collections presented to the Stockholm Furniture Fair visitors, undisputed protagonists of Pedrali Stars exhibition designed by Migliore + Servetto Architects. The space becomes a cluster of photo shoots sets. Products lay on completely white backdrops, appearing as subjects for different shots, outlined by high and light transparent frames that guide the visitor through the discovery of Pedrali world.

And then appears in this play of transparencies and perspectives, the Nolita seats line, designed by Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo. These outdoor seats evoke the origins of a historic process launched by Mario Pedrali in 1963 with its first metal garden chairs. Featuring easy and iconic shapes, entirely made in steel, it is designed specifically for outdoors.

Osaka (designed by M. CazzanigaS. MandelliA. Pagliarulo) is a collection with a strong graphic impact whose construction elements emerge with pureness and simplicity, recalling the linear features of an ideogram. Osaka’s rectilinear profile reveals a cozy three-dimensionality completed by the tactile wellbeing of ash. The collection includes both chair and armchair also available in the upholstered versions.

The three designers also sign Nemea, a collection of classically-shaped seatings. The chair seems to extend into an athletic pose, with its sinuous legs in solid ash grafted to the diecasted aluminium frame placed under the plywood seat. Embracing, comfortable backrests, crown the seat distinguishing the stackable version from the one with armrests that can be leant on the table.

Patrick Jouin chooses instead a modular system of linear, corner seatings and poufs that create an endlessly replicable sofa ready to host social aggregations. This is Social, a sleek and elegant design, made even lighter by the legs positioned only at the ends.