The sense of the search for Nahoor: new materials for new forms

The new Nahoor collection is a tribute to the “Modern Movement”, which postulates the overcoming of the historical styles, the eclecticism and the classicism for a new design language, able to use the technological potentialities of the new materials, as glass and steel, and traditional, as wood, cotton, by combining simplicity and functionality during the elaboration of shapes and the creation of spaces.

A new rationalism, that joins manual knowledge with high innovation for exclusive and unique products.

By overcoming the duality among pure artist’s creativity and the artisan’s technical practice, the method becomes modern in its usefulness, scientificity and systematicity to create a product which is a natural component of the daily life.

Nowadays Nahoor expresses itself through a new and strict feature, that rejects the decorativism for a new approach: a combination of uniform and extended straight lines, circles and half circles, for a more and more actual also graphic experimentation, where each product is determined by its essence and must fully achieve its intent.

The new products of Nahoor at Maison & Objet in Paris: Cube, K & W, Wallis, Marianne, Wright and Lou.