Vondom: new dimensions for the outdoor

The key to success is, according to Vondome, the culture of design. A culture declined in the research of unexpected, glamorous, sustainable solutions, in acontinuous dialogue between space and form. This design philosophy is represented through the novelties presented in Paris, which fit into the range of a large and cosmopolitan production, also for the names that sign these projects, including the designer of the year according to M&O, Eugeni Quitllet.

From his creative mind, the new Brooklyn stools, featuring a urban-contemporary style . Its not a coincidence that the intent of the design was to replicate the line and curves of New York bridges. Also his design, the Wall Street chair, joining technology in processing and sensuality of shapes. A chair with a natural-urban style for indoor and outdoor that, according to the original design, should serve to think, dream and talk.

Among the seating proposals, stands out the Delta chair(designed by Jorge Pensi Design Studio): a balance between realism and surrealism, matter and antimatter, abstract and emotions. In the same vein of emotional design, the Sabinas chair, designed by Javier Mariscal. Inspired by organic shapes, recalling the feminine silhouette or desert landscapes.

Ramon Esteve designs the last two news: the Faz table, which like the other pieces of the collection, sees its main design feature in the geometric lines of the base that remind the natural forms of minerals. And the Ulm collection, which consists of armchairs, sofa and bed. The ergonomic base hosts the comfortable upholstery, in a celebration of different lines and volumes