The Rising Talents fascinates Paris

An exceptional display at Maison&Objet. Creative design goes on stage in the Rising Talent showcase, at hall 7, a space dedicated to six young promising designers. A unique opportunity to reach industry professionals from around the world, on the occasion of the Parisian exhibition. Scandinavian design fascinates the French capital with six new names: Jonas Edvard, Troels Flensted, Katriina Nuutinen, Kjartan Oskarsson, Kneip (studio created by Jørgen Willumsen Platou and Stian Korntved Ruud)and Färg & Blanche (Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche).

The Danish designer Jonas Edvard applies a sustainable approach to design, using materials that explore the potential of a global green economy.

Experimentation in the research for materials, colors and alternative production processes characterizes the proposals by Troels Flensted, a Dannish designer previously showcased at the most renowned design fairs in Europe.

Katriina Nuutinen, a Finnish designer specialized in the creation of objects and decorative ceramics and glass, with a modern approach featuring attractive combinations with wood, metal, leather and fabrics.

A significant background in the world of interior design, pieces of furniture and lighting for Kjartan Oskarsson, Icelandic designer who uses interactive techniques to establish a connection with objects.

The study Kneip, founded by Jørgen Willumsen Platou and Stian Ruud Korntved, is inspired by nature and craftsmanship to craft  collections of objects, entirely handmade in limited quantities or unique pieces.

Färg & Blanche is a design studio of Franco-Swedish origins, founded in 2010 by Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche, which produces, in addition to its own collections, numerous collaborations with well-known Scandinavian brands of the furniture industry.