Porada. Between tradition and creativity

Porada fascinates Paris with its most recent home collection: Fifteen. The absolute star of the stand is the Ziggy bed, that belongs to the collection with the same name. Designed by Carlo Ballabio, it expands to becomes the star of the night space.


In a refined ambience with a timeless elegance, precious materials such as marbles and fine leathers meet blue hued fabrics. The wood, now declined in the moka stained finish as an alternative to classic canaletto walnut, fulfill Porada’s  philosophy. The outstanding contemporary aesthetics are born from the perfect mix between tradition and ingenuity.


The ‘50s iconic grandeur is restored  in products such as chairs, tables, armchairs and sofas.

Among the most acclaimed pieces, the upholstery Webby collection  (available in a vast range of colors) and the Loretta seat, by the French designer Emmanuel Gallina, which creates a unique and sophisticated living area in combination with the Fellow sofas.