Unique femininity for MDF Italia

The sofa changes gender and becomes female. It acquires charm, adaptability, a completely renewed personality. A metamorphosis that only two women could accomplish. They are Lina Obregón and Carolina Galan – respectively product designer and fashion designer – the creative minds behind Thea, the new sofa by MDF Italia.

By adopting an interdisciplinary approach, combining experience gained in the design field with meticulous attention to tailoring, the two designers have created a feminine interpretation of an upholstered sofa with features that are equally aesthetic and functional.

“Minimalism ended with the economic crisis. We wanted to create something completely different, yet emotional at the same time,” the two women explain. “We are mothers and architects, we live in a home with children, but we want it to be impeccable in the evening so that we can host dinner parties. Our daily lives have led us to a 360° approach.” Seemingly opposing qualities merge in a harmonious balance: comfort and simplicity, dynamism and rigor, lightness and solidity. The result is a proportional interplay of different shapes (orthogonal front, oblique sides and concave back) enhanced by the covering: like the drapes and folds of a dress, the pleats faithfully reproduce and overlap the shapes. “The company invested in an operation of pure research, offering us the chance to experiment. It allowed us to go into production and work alongside their upholsterers, whose experience helped us enormously. Danila Cassina’s assistance in the choice of fabrics also proved to be of great value.” Thea is a completely versatile product, not only when it comes to its structure, but also in regard to the variety of available coverings and materials. A “democratic” product that is perfectly suited to a small loft or the most sophisticated interior. This versatility is apparent in the range of “dynamic” accessories that embellish the sofa, making it a truly distinctive product: from the reversible quilt to the headrest, backrest or square cushion; from the multifunctional cover (the simple sofa cover turns into a headrest or backrest) to the aluminium tray. “The product must be a canvas that allows the user to create their own work,” the designers conclude. “For us, Thea must allow the end user to reveal something about themselves through the choice of cover materials and matching accessories.”