Turri. The sophisticated luxury projects

Traditional classical styles for the Chinese retail market; contemporary and Art Deco-inspired styles for the residential market in Africa and the Middle East.  Then there are the Eastern and Asian countries, where tastes and styles alternate and overlap. Everything is strictly custom-made. This is the map of Turri’s global presence based on completed interior projects, a concept that encompasses a comprehensive key service – from furnishing to interior finishes – in the purest sense of the term ‘contract’.

The sophisticated luxury and exclusivity that distinguishes the brand’s collections is apparent in its customized products, accentuated by details and subtle variations. In recent times, the company has invested exponentially in the creation of an internal division dedicated to the sector, which now represents 40% of its annual turnover. It has opened an office working exclusively to develop the project, from the creation stage right through to implementation.

Retail, residential, hotels, offices, government spaces: a plethora of settings to which Turri has lent its artisanal mastery, combining this with a strong luxury fashion influence. It comes as no surprise, then, that the sailing world – a universe which knows all about exclusivity – has also surrendered to Turri’s charms. The recent creation of a 55-metre luxury yacht has turned more than a few heads in the sector. Made by one of the leading Italian shipyards, this jewel of the sea was entirely fitted out with the latest Turri collections – Numero 3, Couture and Caractere – and achieves perfection in its combinations of style and colour. Light, delicate tones mingle with glowing golden finishing that accentuates and illuminates the various decks of the yacht. The utmost attention to detail was taken throughout, from the choice of marble for the floors to the selection of the wall panelling. “Our goal is to create a dream,” explains CEO Andrea Turri, “and to do so we need to customise each detail to the client’s needs, tastes and emotions.” There is thus a romantic undercurrent – a flash of positive thinking – that accompanies each and every interior design project. “The company is constantly changing to keep in step with the times and the evolutions of trends and markets. But we remain loyal to our founding values: reliability, professionalism and client satisfaction. And we combine these concepts with an unfailing touch of fashion.”