Christofle Debuts Second New York City Boutique on Bleecker Street

Continuing the brand’s U.S. expansion, luxury Parisian silversmith Christofle is delighted to unveil the company’s second New York boutique. Located on 396 Bleecker Street in the heart of New York City’s West Village, the space boasts a bold globally inspired aesthetic as imaged by the brand’s Creative Director and renowned interior designer, architect and former fashion designer Stéphane Parmentier. Nestled among the chicest and most fashionable neighbors, the boutique will be the first-ever lifestyle and home décor store to open its doors on the city’s famed Bleecker Street.

“Christofle is a brand of juxtapositions – modern and traditional, conventional and unexpected, loud and quiet,” Stéphane Parmentier says. “Embracing this dichotomy, we are thrilled to pair our Upper East Side flagship with this newest West Village outpost in New York. The rich history of Bleecker Street as an epicenter of art, culture and antiques is the perfect place for our newest outpost, and we are thrilled to bring a touch of silver to the neighborhood.”

Bleecker Street has inspired artists and musicians for decades with cultural leaders such as Allen Ginsberg and Jackson Pollock, to James Baldwin and Bob Dylan, who have called Bleecker Street home, regularly holding court at the street’s finest cafés and music venues. In the late 20th century, Bleecker Street was a destination for the most sought-after antique stores and artisan jewelry makers in Manhattan before evolving to welcome higher-end fashion boutiques and flagships. It is these strong cultural and design roots that make Bleecker Street a natural home for Christofle’s newest boutique.

Echoing the Madison Avenue flagship, the intimate space features Christofle’s signature honeycomb motif details, a silver-mirrored surface and a subtle and elegant palette of muted colors and textiles. Throughout the space, soft creams and browns balance with darker wood detailing to serve as an ideal counterpoint to the mirrored silver wall panel punctuating the space. A gallery-inspired display of the brand’s most iconic silver tray designs adorns the mirrored panel to add an unexpected dimension and emphasize the beauty of the material. A dramatic honeycomb-inspired shelving installation anchors the space and speaks to the brand’s legacy, as the honeycomb is taken from the bee symbol which has adorned the Christofle hallmark stamp since the mid-19th century.

Christofle’s Bleecker Street boutique will place an added emphasis on gifts and accessories housing the brand’s latest collections of frames, candles, baby gifts and desk accessories perfect for any occasion. The space will also feature Christofle’s signature exquisitely designed and hand-crafted pieces, including flatware, hollowware, and specialty and hand-made pieces.

The opening of the new boutique further emphasizes the brand’s growing presence in the American market. Christofle’s history in North America dates back nearly as far as the brand itself, establishing a permanent representative in the U.S. in 1855 and presenting no fewer than 2,000 pieces at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Christofle first opened in New York in 1958 and will continue the legacy this fall with the second New York City boutique.