Vimar, a doc automation for a doc winery

In Nimis – an ancient Roman stronghold located in the Eastern Hills of Friuli – stands a young wine-making company, Cantina Gori.

Modern and unique, built into the vineyard-covered hillside, Cantina Gori is distinguished by its internal open space, where the production area has a special concrete and frosted quartz floor.

The architectural design – the jointl work of architects Massimo Bertolano and Giovanni Croatto – sees the villa integrated into the wine cellar, all developed over four floors, two of which are set underground in the hillside: the first houses the wine cellar, the production area and the tasting room, while the second houses the space reserved for ageing the wines in barrels. The ground floor and first floor on the other hand house the villa.

Only from outside it is possible to understand the complexity of the design: the northern side of the building appears as a metaphor of a medieval bastion – made in stone and weathering steel – while the southern face optimises the transparency and the view over the valley through the use of wooden screens and brise-soleil. The top of the hill, the place chosen for the building, allows the structure to relate to both the woods and the hills to the north and the town below on the south.

From this, the creation of a twofold style. The northern side was developed with a stone façade, dotted with a system of openings reminiscent of a fortress. A strategy to lighten the south side of the building on the other hand was specifically chosen using a style and materials that allow the building to dialogue with the light and the landscape, using more modern design elements.

The interiors were created in direct connection with the wishes and tastes of the owners, alternating "objets trouvés" with more modern elements, in terms of both fixed furnishings and furniture, often designed and built working directly with local craftsmen.

And it is in the interior that technology plays a key role. Chosen to manage such a complex, articulated building, where the functionality of the residential areas must be combined with the needs of the cellar, where the temperature must be maintained stable, Vimar's By-me home automation system: the ideal solution for responding to the demand for high quality standards.

From the Multimedia Video Touch Screen, an authentic control panel, located in the living room it is possible to control all the rooms in the building from the user friendly user interface. Lights, climate, automations, accesses – in both the rooms and the multi-purpose halls – speaker system: all under control, nothing escapes the automated, intelligent management, which optimises times and resources while ensuring all-round comfort.

In this way the owners can check an control the status of the lights and the climate in every single room, and can listen to their favourite music on the Vimar speaker system. Thanks to By-me the home has been divided into four different listening zones. In this way the owners can relax while listening to the latest pop hit in the kitchen, the radio in the bedroom or the best rock songs in the gym. With the docking station, you can select your favourite track using the system's interfacing with various devices, including iPhones and iPods.

And if, in addition to the music, a more engaging mood is desired, at the merest touch of the Multimedia Video Touch Screen, a different combination of temperature, lighting and comfort can be called up almost instantly for each zone, based on previous settings that reflect personal requirements. It can all be controlled locally, too, thanks to the home automation controls that govern both the automation systems and the lights, expertly positioned to highlight certain details of the furnishings.

This is a context blending home automation with sophisticated design. An unmistakeable touch of elegance and exclusiveness is given to the settings by the lines of the Eikon Evo series. A presence, with a delicate charm and in line with the latest interior design trends, Eikon Evo enchants for its geometric shapes that highlight the ultra-thin profile and essential details. All the Vimar devices, including the Multimedia Video Touch Screen, are framed by diamond white crystal cover plates. A finish that perfectly complements the pale shades of the interior, giving the impression of being at one with them.

Cellar and villa with every possible comfort: the two souls of the Gori estate live side by side in perfect harmony, in a totally successful blend of business skill and advanced technology. That of the By-me home automation system.