Morelato presents the modular system Swing

Morelato, Italian company, still preserves the same spirit of the cabinetmakers and handcraft tradition of the past, with also an eye to the latest market and furnishing trends. The manufacture aims at stylistic and formal perfection which reflects on a refined style and an innovative, contemporary design.

In the wide collection by Morelato there are many modular systems perfect to organize any space, from the office to the walk-in closet, which can be combined and customized by adding different elements among which shelves, glass doors, wood with different finishings. The latest Morelato novelty launched onto the market is the collection SWING: many different adjustable modules (storage units, with doors or drawers), wall units of different dimensions and sophisticated crystal shelves.

 The project Swing is designed by Centro Ricerche MAAM, the research centre of the company. The structure is made of ash painted in different hues to make the product livelier and give a contemporary touch to the entire room.

You can create infinite combinations by choosing the elements of the collection SWING: chest of drawers, sideboard, TV stand and other customizable furniture pieces. In other words, Morelato is a symbol of the strong features of the typical production in Verona: the taylor-made manufacture and the world of furniture.

The great artisanal ability, which has its roots in the venetian cabinet-making, together with the research and innovation allow Morelato to constantly offer high quality products from different points of view: the materials, the finishing and the contemporary design.