Flexform launches the new adv campaign

To turn a house into a home. The goal of the new Flexform advertising campaign signed by Cayenne, which introduces Soft Dream and Lario sofas as main characters, is to create situations and sensations where you can identify yourself.

Lario sofa is combined with new products, such as Luce and Crono armchairs and Tindari small tables. Guscio and Feel Good armchair, together with the new Magi bench, create a harmonic Soft Dream ambience.

Thanks to the combination of the aesthetical impact of the image and the real value of Home at last, Flexform goes ahead with the concept launched in 2015, keeping the fil rouge of the communications. The story-telling of the new pictures introduces images of everyday life – a couple smiles and talks and a father plays hide and seek with his children.


The considerable advertising investment (149 magazines, 43 countries) is based on a universal language with the aim of grabbing the attention of an international clientele. The joy of coming home and be welcomed by a FLEXFORM living space is the promise of our new advertising campaign.