Utility System by Scavolini. Freedom of movement

Utility System by Scavolini is not based on any single model but is rather a system of ergonomically optimized elements for application to all of the Scavolini programmes, which are specifically studied to facilitate access and movement in the kitchen, while maintaining total freedom of personalization in terms of style, model, finish and colour.

Such is Utility System, the revolutionary system of Scavolini elements capable of transforming a kitchen into a space that is totally accessible even to disabled and elderly persons who encounter difficulties because of their reduced capacity to move around or perform certain actions, without however neglecting to address aesthetic requirements.

The innovations introduced by Utility System mainly regard access to organized kitchen spaces and involve modifications of an internal and external nature to the elements normally in use, in order to allow them to be arranged differently to meet specific needs on a case by case basis. A fundamental characteristic of the Utility System – which, most important of all, enables the user to choose the most convenient height of his/her operational area – is that it provides solutions to various ergonomic problems of a vertical and horizontal nature.  

Everything has been designed to guarantee maximum user-friendliness: cupboards and base units are fitted with swivel or extractible baskets to optimize the use of storage space and facilitate access to objects placed at the back of the cupboard, while drawer units on casters may be positioned wherever required under the suspended top.

Utility System is produced to an original design project by architects Renzo Baldanello and Bernardino Pittino with the intention of narrowing the gap between the world of industrial production and the social problems deriving from physical disabilities, by researching new specifically targeted solutions.