Purapietra. The armony of Mohs at Sleep Event

Mohs is a new collection of carved stone basins designed by Stefano Visconti for Purapietra. The name is a reference to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, to the constant search for balance between opposing forces, in this case the strength of the material and the grace of the object. In Mohs the attempt is to transfer the experience of turning to an hard material such as stone, giving it a soft feel trough the harmony of gestures. The result is a small and elegant object, basic but precious.

The stones chosen to interpret the product are Onyx Boca del Rio, extra Honey Onyx, Onyx Ivory, Grey St Marie, White Estremoz, Cremavorio, Black Marquinia. The first three, in particular, with their natural horizontal grain of the material, reinforce the rotary motion of turning, providing an added value to the object.

In the Via Arkadia Stand at Sleep Event, Purapietra presents a extra large size basin in Honey Onyx.