The charm of Illulian carpets lands in Dubai

Hand-knotted and teased, these products owe their enchantment and chromatic appeal to the bright plant dyes used in their production. Illulian carpets are making their debut at Dubai Downtown Design to reveal the full extent of their charm to the Middle Eastern market. 

Beauty, Dumas, Granata and Layla are part of the Palace Collection, whose extremely classical taste is expressed in soft patterns and sophisticated tones. 

Conversely, a more contemporary taste transpires from the Design Collection with its versatile and highly impacting proposals, comprising Madama Butterfly, Petra and Seven.

The Limited Edition Collection, on the other hand, is signed by some of the most prestigious names of art and design, perfectly represented by Makan, with its powerful geometric and three-dimensional impact and by Se ti Guardo, produced to a design by the artist Dario Ballantini. 

Illulian carpets may be manufactured in two distinct qualities of which the more exclusive is  Platinum 120, defined by its prime quality wool and silk materials and an extremely intricate workmanship consisting of as many as 180.000 knots/m2.  Gold 100 presents carpets made from wool and silk with a knot density of 86,000 knots/m2.