Mitage Milldue edition. The luxury wellness between memory and newness

An unmistakable aesthetic code which refers to fashion and design, but above all to a clear-cut idea of ethical luxury and glamour.  All of this is Mitage, a new brand from Milldue. An ambitious project which represents the first step of a clear and orderly path to show Milldue's luxury collections to a wider and more global audience. The key point of Mitage Milldue edition is once again the "taylor-made" concept, which turned this Venetian firm into a real style icon. The proposal deploys in four projects – Ritz, Four Seasons, Majestic, Hilton – that have a rallying point: full continuity between memory and newness, classical inspirations and evolved technical solutions

The Four Seasons collection is defined by the quest for the starkest geometrical fundamentals, as testified by the absence of handles on the vanity units. This project features designers Samuele Mazza, Alessandro La Spada and Michele Marcon because of already experienced affinity and tastes over the past years.

This project aims to enhance to the full the distinctive qualities of the finishes whose exceptional variety ranges from marble to glass, from wood to leather.

Primary aesthetics in which materials are second-to-none. Primary materials that become unique surfaces, enhanced by exclusive workmanship processes in which traditional craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology.