Host. Bar dreams its future

What will the bar of the future be like? It’s this question that has given life to Futurbar, a demonstrative concept and workshop of ideas and solutions where the public spaces of tomorrow can be envisaged. The key attributes behind the project – which is organized by Oddone Sangiorgi, president of Consorzio FIA with COMUFFICIO e signed by Simone Micheli – are: smart, interactive, digital, sustainable, flexible. Technology has a central role in the definition of these spaces, in which imagination and reality merge to create atmospheres brimming with sound, light and smell stimuli. In terms of the interior, the designer’s vision is for a light-active bar, with the bar itself, the tables and the floor providing the illumination. In this way, the bar’s multi-functional, multi-specialised role is amplified: it becomes, in this imaginary world, a new media form which reinterprets communication and stimulates relations between users via the dynamics of the internet.