A new optimism at iSaloni WorldWide Moscow

A day before the closure of the eleventh edition of iSaloni WorldWide Moscow, an initial assessment may be already carried out. And it is a positive one. The numbers and the reactions in the long term will be noticed in the future, but what companies needed was – for the moment – a favorable first impression, a glimmer of optimism from such an important market that has always played a key role for Italian brands, especially for the classic sector.

The participation of the public, the appreciation of products and the loyal recognition of the market – despite the difficult time for both sides – has confirmed these expectations.

The Italian institutions should be credited for taking part at this event with the same entrepreneurial spirit and initiative that pushes towards new international horizons, with the desire to meet their clients locally making possible for them to see at first hand novelties and new collections.

And the Russian public, both professional and private, should be credited for maintaining the highest regard for Made in Italy quality.

Through the corridors of the Crocus the parade of the best Italian furnishing companies, in the most varied and multifaceted type of product, but inspired by the common denominator of the most refined sophistication.

Furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, finishes. Design, a more austere classic style, art deco and modern. At iSaloni WorldWide was possible to enjoy a taste of all that Italy can offer and we propose you to experience all of it through this selection.