Made in Italy is still the first choice for Russia

Crises and embargos fail to put a stop to the sale of Italian made furniture in Russia:  the Netcomm Consortium and Bain&Company have published two reports on the Italian furniture industry’s export trade which reveal the prominent role of Russia. An injection of confidence for the Italian companies operating the industry. Top-notch bespoke furniture and refined craftsmanship: this is what affluent Russian customers seek, confirming a trend – not only Russian but global – which  sees 80 % of world consumers choosing up-market products if they are Italian made.  

The research – Exporting the dolce vita – Beautiful and well made Italian goods on new markets – carried out by the Confindustria Research Facility and Prometeia in collaboration with FederlegnoArredo, among others – does even more to widen horizons and make the future look rosy. According to estimates, in 2020, Italian exports of BBF (an acronym for Bello e Ben Fatto, meaning beautiful and well made) furnishings towards new markets will reach a figure of 3.3 billion Euros, with a growth of 1.2 billion Euros compared to 2014.   

In detail, Russia will retain its primary role as an importer of BBF furnishings from Italy in the next six years; in numerical terms, 810 million worth of imports in 2020, 144 more than 2014, representing 8% of Italian exports (compared to the 10.5% figure prior to the recent crisis). Results deriving from the long-consolidated relationship between Russia and our country, as well as that market’s particular appreciation for the quality of Italian products.