Caleido. Book and the lightness of aluminium

In collaboration with the architect Marco Piva, Caleido presents one of its most innovative projects created: the new Book radiator and its version Booklet. An addition that leads the company to introduce a new material: aluminium, which is considered an excellent conductor.

The new product reflects the company’s vision to revisit the role of the heating element within domestic spaces, elevating it from a simple source of heat to a distinct piece of furniture, combining aesthetics with functionality.

As the Architect Piva points out, “With Book and Booklet  I devised a thin sheet of aluminium, the best heat conductor, with one or two slight bends at the ends to lend an air of lightness and plasticity to an element that is historically stiff and heavy – as well as improving its performance, of course”.

Available in different finishes, sizes and colours, they are suitable for use in both residential and public places, for an elegant heating option without invading contemporary living spaces.