Arturo Alvarez. The forms of light at Designjunction

Arturo alvarez's collections for 2015, showcased at Designjunction, are really emotional. The new catalogue surprises with a universe of different brightnesses achieved by ethereal forms, the superposition of layers or architectonic volumes. Its designs introduce new materials, a wider range of colors and the effort to improve energy saving continues with the use of LED technology for many models.

Blum expresses  a subtle, ethereal and transparent beauty, created from such a cold material as steel. The creator Arturo Álvarez reflects, once more, about the many possible interpretations of objects.

Inspired by the beautiful arcades of Santiago de Compostela, Arc is a tribute to the ancient artisan masters. Its strength is channelized through the interior LED light that escapes from the Japanese cord, wrapping it in a mysterious dignity.