awards two Italian designers

Two Italian designers are the winners of the third edition of the Emerging Talent Award for, e-stores dedicated to democratic design. Ivana Mannavola and Nicola Lattanzi have won the award thanks to the project ‘Overlap Storage’ that was the most voted by the audience of The announcement was made September 22 at the headquarters of in Soho, during a special evening of celebrations as part of the London Design Festival.

Overlap Storage consists of a sideboard, nightstand, drawer and buffet with the doors partly lacquered in full and partly lacquered in open-pore, creating an interesting overlap between layers. The Italian duo believe function is vital in design and always want to ‘exclude the superfluous’.

In the two previous editions, the project ‘Range’ by Josie Banks has become a best seller of, while the winner in 2014, Ying Chang, will arrive on sale in the coming weeks. For this edition of the Emerging Talent Award, has also started a collaboration with Desall, an innovative platform that combines multiple brands to a single global community of designers. devised the concept of “developing a product that every home should have” inviting Designer to upload their projects on Desall. More than 1,000 projects have participated and Ruth Wassermann, director of MADE design, has selected the 22 best projects before submitting them to the public vote.