Turri. The new face of classical furnishings

In the luxury sector, we are witnessing a shift towards a more modern taste, one that evokes the atmospheres of Art Deco. It is in line with this trend that the Turri proposals are positioned, in the name of a luxury fashion of contemporary elegance.  The precepts of classical furnishing have by no means been abandoned but have simply been revisited to offer new solutions.  

Launched in 2015 and signed by Fabio Friso, the Prestige Collection well represents this design philosophy. The classical spirit has evolved to assume a trendier and more contemporary allure, albeit somewhat textural, thanks to the lavish use of marble which has become the structural and supporting element of these products. In the form of a spherical capital, this material is combined with lacquered wood varieties, gold leaf finishes and voluminous upholsteries which convey an overall warmth. The collection comprises solutions for living and dining spaces, bedrooms and offices.  

References to the world of fashion and its trends are particularly evident in the Vogue Collection, which seals the firm’s collaboration with designer Andrea Bonini. The leit motif running through this product line for interiors are the precious details borrowed from up-market travel bags (such as zips), as well as the lightweight quilted effects embracing accessories, seating and furniture.  Lines are soft and cosseting, emphasized by decorative wood, marble and metal with gold finishes.  

In its market approach, Turri adopts a twofold strategy: to consolidate its presence through retailers and to reinforce relations with architects and designers in order to penetrate the contract business.  Following the recent opening in Groznyj of a prestigious 300 sq m mono brand store, Turri is all set to inaugurate two new sales points in China, one of which extends over 200 sq m where the new collections will be splendidly showcased.