Modulnova. Linearity and minimalism for Surf

Linearity, impulse and aesthetic rigor characterize the formal minimalism of Surf, the last bathroom program proposed by Modulnova.

The constant reference to tradition, expressed by the use of glass, iron and resin cement, leads to the creation of luxury accommodation for those who love a strong design with clean and essential appeal.

Designed by Andrea Bassanello, this collection is realized with different materials: the oak floor in iron ore and coal ( 6 cm thick ) is a clear and strong presence that enhances the personality of the stone basin piasentina blaze. The mirror , which is important and customized by a crude iron insert to place the taps, it becomes an integral part of the SURF program in a unique design.

The washbasin Square resin cement gray from the thick and forms important , there is almost an antithesis in harmony with the lightness of glass gray europa which is supported.

The bath Twin Tecnoril, externally coated with resin – black concrete , it creates with its duality of colors and materials a picturesque setting in harmony with the decor of the bathroom space. It can be placed anywhere in the room, without design constraints.