Roda. The expressive force of teak

Designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Roda, TEKA outdoor collection spotlights all the expressive force of teak, a wood whose high value is equally matched by its malleability.

The underlying concept of this collection was to confer stylistic lightness to extremely complex workmanship. TEKA is developed around a particular prism-shaped geometric construction of great impact which, at the same time, confers a sensation of lightness to the product, while retaining its intrinsic durability.

The mingling of different forms and materials is the connecting thread of this complete living and dining collection. Sectional sofas, chairs, armchairs, dining and side tables of pared- down design and an assertive character all feature the use of teak, which cohabits with outdoor fabrics and mesh, along with an original slatted effect in unglazed porcelain for tops.

The refinement of the TEKA product is also expressed through a choice of cushion trimmings that is far from banal, such as the use of buttons, normally associated with fashion garments, which are practical as well as decorative, since they stop the cushions from slipping by fitting perfectly into the geometric design of the sofa backrest and arms.