Four Snaidero projects for the Basmati Pavillion at Expo Milano

The Clusters are one of the novelties being presented at Expo 2015: in fact, for the first time ever, different countries are grouped in collective pavillions by theme and food supply chain rather than by geographical area. The nine clusters of Expo 2015 are spaces dedicated to countries which share an agricultural or geographical characteristic and develop a common theme as part of a single exhibition concept.

And it is actually within the Rice Cluster that Snaidero has been chosen to furnish the operational and functional spaces of the Basmati Pavillion. Thanks to some spectacular effects achieved with mirrors, the pavillion welcomes visitors to a landscape recalling an immense paddy field and which accompanies them along a theme-based itinerary to discover the story of rice, a staple food for almost three billion people.

In this context, four Snaidero kitchens frame the areas of the communal spaces by recounting the supply chain of rice in a richly evocative setting, in which the threads of tradition and modernity are still tightly interwoven.

The 4 projects on display tell of Snaidero’s design versatility and painstaking aesthetic research.   Idea by Pininfarina furnishes the outdoor lounge area of the Basmati Pavillion, which welcomes guests with its understated elegance. Skyline 2.0 and Time occupy the two spaces in front of the pavillion used for offering refreshments and providing opportunities for informal domestic conviviality.  The protagonist role has been left to Ola 25 Limited Edition, also designed by Pininfarina, which provides the backdrop to celebrity chef cuisine. Positioned at the centre of the pavillion, the impact it makes on visitors is that of a space which manages to be informal and symbolic at the same time.  

Snaidero has also been invited to another important event associated with Expo 2015. From today until 7 June, at SuperstudioPiù in Milan, there will be a special edition of Taste of Milano, a great Restaurant Festival which gathers together the best of Italian and international quality catering with the participation of 50 restaurants. To mark the event, Snaidero will be featured in the kitchen space with an Ola25 Limited Edition by Pininfarina.

This area dedicated to shared experiences and conviviality will present a number of activities relating to food, wine, table setting and the home, but also to books and travel.  Among the various dates scheduled, some are “Blind Taste” sessions directed by Milly Callegari: an activity aimed at discovering various flavours through the use of one’s senses, excluding that of sight.