Bross furnishes the restaurant Lazare Paris

The Lazare Restaurant, located a short stroll from the train station in the French capital, welcomes two functional principles and makes them complementary thanks to the use of a fluid interior design that varies its components based on the duration of the stop of the user. Wood, copper, brass and leather are the main ingredients of this place which can be accessed from both the commercial center and the square outside: favoring the potential customer needs, the place offers a bar area, a lounge with dining tables and a relax area with comfortable armchairs.

There are no clear divisions among the different areas, which are rather forming segments of a single project, explained interior designer Karine Lewkowicz: " I imagined a dynamic but elegant place, which could become a landmark not only for passengers but also for Parisians. The atmosphere is characterized by furniture and accessories that express a strong materiality and finds its natural equivalent in the kitchen and in the gastronomic experiments of Eric Frechon, starred chef and owner of Restaurant Lazare".

The entrance is dominated by a wood-metal counter and a flooring with hexagonal patterns, the dining area by a monochromatic anthracite tone which creates a contrasts with the shelving of the walls, where the dishes are placed in view.

The chairs Break by Bross, whose shape underlines the enveloping language chosen by Karine Lewkowicz, accompany the tables with Corian top and brass base: the alternation between the armchair version and the chair is a delicate decorative motif, enhanced by the design of the product. The Break collection, designed by Enzo Berti, is characterized by a wooden shell covered in leather that draws thin vertical lines in the inner back and creates a game of great refinement. The legs in solid walnut recall the furnishings on the walls, in contrast with the white ceiling and the traces of the visible wiring.