Why Miami? Philippe Brocart answers


Here we are in Miami, the location of M&O third appointment in 2015. Why did you chose this city to land in America?

We were looking for a new platform on the territory with influence on both the North and the South of the continent. Such as Singapore in Asia. We considered numerous opportunities and finally agreed that Miami was the perfect place due to two different reasons.

The first one is that many people, both from Latin America and the United States, reach Miami for tourism or business, so it represents a highly appreciated destination.

Also our goal is to discover locations that we know to be architecture design and art hubs, such as Paris and Singapore, this is certainly the aim of Miami, where great architecture continue to rise. Let’s not forget the appeal of Art Basel, that constantly attracts more and more artists and collectors or the design district that mixes all these cultural traits linked to the different forms of design.

Another plus of the city is the fact that, like in every other destination chosen by M&O, everything is easily accessible, close at hand, which allows you to organize events and create opportunities to meet out of the exhibition. Thanks also to the great support received by the mayor and the city itself.

It is the third day of the fair: can you give us a feedback on the event?
The first two days have been challenging, but the exhibitors seemed to be happy, positive and excited. We must wait for the end of the exhibition for reliable results but the first impression is very positive.

Does it means there will be a second edition of the M&O Americas?
Yes, we will return again next year, with the opportunity to expand the exhibition space to two halls. We are indeed very pleased with the outcome of this show, that has the right mix of exhibitors, lot of  products and interior trends. Since the first day we have registered a large number of visitors from South America. To be the first edition, It is not bad at all!

Real estate is Miami’s first business. Does the fair aims to attract players of this sector?
Most visitors are trade professionals, since access is reserved for operators (except for an opening to the public on Friday afternoon) such as interior designers, architects, developers and hotel managers, as in Singapore. An Opening Night was organized at the Convention Center on Monday night and only VIPs were invited. Instead in Paris 70% of visitors belongs to the world of retail, a category less common in the USA.

Many conferences organized during M & O Americas were devoted precisely to this topic…
Exactly. We spent a lot of energy in the organization of these meetings, inviting prominent personalities and important names: this represents an important part of M&O. At the same time, many events in the city and in the Design District were organized, including the award ceremony of the Designer of the Year, Zanini De Zanine, which was held on Wednesday at the New World Center.

What are the reasons that led you to crown the designer Zanini de Zanine as Designer of the Year by M&O Americas?
This event wanted to be a platform between North and South America. The idea of ​​celebrating a Latin America designer – he comes from Brazil – was a step in this direction: Zanine works with numerous companies, Italian, French and International. His background is very interesting, and he is also a promising young designer.

What are your plans for the future?
Expectations are growing after the events of Singapore, Miami and the two ones in Paris. Currently we are working on a special online platform. In terms of trade, I think that these three stages cover the three continents thoroughly.

This year you also celebrated the 20th anniversary of M&O Paris. What is the formula of your success?
There is no particular secret. Our strength is the presentation of numerous sectors, from furniture, to lighting, including fabrics and accessories. We are constantly  looking for new trends and incentives to grow and improve.