Turri. An author’s trilogy

If we were to use a literary term, we could make recourse to a metaphorical trilogy in which each volume represents a new proposal that develops its own gripping story, with an unexpected and original ending. But one single connective thread unites the three works: the art of creating furnishings of extreme luxury and contemporary elegance. The Turri brand is the author.

An introduction would be required, to explain the pages to come – dedicated to the biography of this author, born in 1925 as a creator of refined interiors thanks to a stylistic philosophy that bridges past and present, tradition and innovation, without ever failing to follow in the footsteps of an accurate craftsmanship, placed at the service of each design requirement, primarily in the realization of turn-key contract projects.

The first volume might well be titled  “Heavy trendy classic”, as Andrea Turri has re-dubbed the new collection signed by the firm’s longstanding and devoted designer Fabio Friso. A line that represents an important reference to the company’s classic origins, while also marking a stylistic evolution of traditional precepts. The  Prestige Collection is inspired by the most sumptuous of classic styles before branching off in the direction of a decidedly trendy allure.  Its signature trait is represented by the use of exquisitely high quality marble, which goes beyond its more customary function as a material for tops to become a structural element. Introduced as a spherically shaped capital, it emphasizes the solidity of each element.  Inlays, leather inserts and gold leaf finishes follow the accentuated geometric shapes of these products designed to furnish living and dining areas, bedrooms and offices. The entire collection is softened by a warm, rarefied atmosphere in the natural colours of beige, brown and ivory, which contribute to highlighting its sublime quality.

On the notes of this innovative return to tradition, the story draws to a close to make way for another, in which the reader will be seduced by a style that is fresher and more contemporary, rich in references to haute couture and allusions to fashion dictates.  The protagonist of this story is the Vogue Collection. A new collection with a new designer. Let’s talk about Andrea Bonini, the young designer who, with this line, has signed his first collaboration with Turri. The evident Art Deco inspiration combined with the more understated style the firm has been pursuing in recent years, has produced a contemporary and highly impacting interpretation of luxury.  Exquisite trims have been borrowed from up-market luggage accessories (hinges in particular), teamed up with materials that characterize the workmanship of this firm, such as decorated wood, leather, marble and metal with a gold finish created especially for this collection.  «Fashion icons have been reinterpreted and used on a series of different products as marks of distinction – the designer explains – The perfect entente with Turri was evident from the outset: there has been a great synergy, which has enabled us to come up with an original proposal of clean-cut yet refined design». In fact, the fruit of our efforts is a complete furnishing line of great aesthetic lightness.

The plot unfolds rapidly with a series of new entries, coups de théâtre and unprecedented events which take the story to fever pitch. Page after page, we finally reach the third chapter dominated by softer, almost fairy-tale atmospheres.  Here we discover the Stardust collection. Designed last year by Giovanni Cagnato, this elegant proposal of upholstered elements for living rooms has now been extended to include bedroom furnishings. On the new bed, flexuous lines and leather upholstery recall the leitmotif of the sofas and armchairs in a perfectly harmonious balance of volumes and curves. The designer also signs Diamond, a new bedroom which conveys elegance and comfort at the same time. The bed with upholstered headboard features belts, metal plates, studs and locks; exclusive details that enhance the design of the entire line.

These stories, these facts we have recounted and transformed into exclusive collections will also be the protagonists of the Fuori Salone event, in a top notch location: the new Turri mono brand showroom situated in via Borgospesso, within Milan’s prestigious Fashion Quadrilateral. It is almost an endorsement to be located alongside an industry so dear to the company, its source of constant inspiration and affinity. The new showroom – occupying a space of 300 sq m – in a spectacular setting, represents the store concept to be adopted by Turri worldwide.  The next steps? The opening of a 400 sq m flagship store in Grozny (Chechen Republic), another in Baku (in Azerbaijan), and yet another sales point in Boston and a restyling of the existing store in Los Angeles, before landing in Miami for the May edition of Maison&Objet, this being an important location for strengthening Turri’s market positioning in the United States.

All we can do now is wait for the next chapters to be published!

Watch also the video of the interview with Andrea Turri.