Citterio F.lli. The new classic style

«At a time of serious and widespread crisis like this, we have chosen to focus even more on beauty, quality and product refinement». Such is the design philosophy accompanying the new collections signed by Citterio Fratelli, now being previewed at the Salone del Mobile. Company owner Laura Citterio renews the trend for a classic tradition which identifies its roots in beauty – both aesthetic and ethical. 

In the same way as for art and music, each finely crafted piece of furniture represents an intense research into the criteria of equilibrium, harmony and proportion. «Even an interior furnishing product can become an integral part of personal wellbeing. Furniture is no longer perceived as a functional object tout court, but has to create aesthetic pleasure, just like a fine painting or an artwork».

A tangible expression of this concept is the  Exclusive cabinet: a one-off furniture piece that embodies the finest artisanal cabinet-making techniques.  The carved base extends to the upper section in a mingling of carved and inlayed details executed in precious materials (such as mother-of-pearl, brass, Persian briar and burr walnut). The refinement of this product is extended and amplified in its internal compartments, where mother-of-pearl chips create an effect of movement and colour. Built like a small temple (enclosed by columns and parapets in precious agate), the cabinet contains a cigar compartment for moments of enjoyable relaxation. To accompany this range of pieces interpreted as one-off models, there is the Life table of significant dimensions (180cm in diameter), whose top is decorated with floral inlayed work in mother-of-pearl, culminating in the centrepiece depicting musical instruments.  

In an escalation of precious details, there is also room for pictorial art. The Ginevra office suite, reviewed in its gold, silver and polished finishes, is complete with a wall panel framing a magnificent painting by the artists of the Milanese “Larghe Vedute” studio: magnificent horses shown on a silver and gold plated background confer an imperial aura. Similarly, for the bedroom interior, a hand-decorated wall – recalling an architectural ornamentation with a fresco effect –  frames the Vanity dressing table: with its shelves, jewellery compartments and tall mirror element, it provides a corner of great femininity. The precepts of beauty, therefore, are interpreted in the most variegated art forms, until they embrace the entire exhibition space, which winds its way through columns,  portals, wall panels and even an entrance of bucolic charm, providing a spellbinding architectural setting to effectively showcase these furnishing gems.  «Throughout, we have chosen to underline the concept that our company is able to satisfy a demand for a complete interior design project, with a constant focus on the highest quality standards – declares Laura Citterio – From the living room, with its new contemporary style furnishings, to the dual proposal for bedrooms, in a lacquer or polished finish, our objective is to offer solutions for all tastes». The new proposals amply demonstrate an enthusiasm for design and offer the tangible expression of a passion for beauty.