Angelo Cappellini. A natural talent for spectacular effects

The most refined and elaborate hand-crafted creations spring to life in a location designed to represent the stylistic and design potential of Angelo Cappellini & C. Specialized in accurate reproductions of period styles, this company, founded in 1886, produces furnishings of an elegant and sumptuous nature, in which each and every detail, material, finish, and manual process is meticulously executed. As usual, the brand will be showcasing its products at the Milanese event; their participation has been assiduous and non-stop since 1967. What differentiates this year’s installation is the fact that attention has been focused on the container as well as the content: wall panels, columns, impressive portals to frame the entrance to rooms, glass partitions to reveal the products of adjacent interiors; added to which elegant damask wallpapers, mirrors and furniture pieces with mounted mirrors create an elegant play of reflections.

A breathtaking and fascinating scenery, designed to perform a dual function: on one hand, to house and provide a worthy backdrop to the refined furnishing products showcased in the display and, secondly to demonstrate the attention this company dedicates to turnkey projects, whenever a complete service is required, one that goes beyond the boundaries of mere interior decoration to embrace what can properly be described as structural elements.  In fact, contract business is becoming more and more a strategic part of this company’s activities, an ambit in which it excels thanks to custom-made workmanship and a wide scope for personalization.  

It is therefore possible to opt for a traditional finish, such as the gold leaf illuminating the Canudo living room or a more refined finish such as the one enwrapping the Boldini dining room suite: a three metre-long table, a sideboard and glass cabinet present a dark honey-coloured, wax polished with gold leaf finish. And so on, through the variety of new proposals: for enthusiasts of the most austere tradition, what better recommendation than a polished walnut finish with antiqued gold, as in the Landini bedroom, but those who prefer a touch of fresh eclecticism are advised to consider a white silver polished finish, as shown in the set dedicated to the Angiolieri collection.

The Barbieri living room solution, on the other hand, presents a brand new finish in gold leaf with a white patina which softens the more classic allure of this composition, showcased in the hall dominated by a majestic door in Empire style. A key role is played by finishes also in the Mediterraneo collections, this being a brand of fresh and delicate interpretation clearly inspired by the Provencal style, which was launched by the company in 2010.  

White with a delicate touch of gold, lamé and damask fabrics and floral decorations charmingly define the dual proposal for dining and living areas, in which a fully upholstered Paolucci sofa, with carved legs and frame emerging from the complete padding of the structure, makes an impacting statement.

We finally reach what is certainly the most original proposal of this 2015 edition: the first children’s bedroom proposal produced by the company.  Hansel e Gretel – as the new line has been dubbed – creates fairytale atmospheres for children to sleep, play and study in, whilst being interpreted in the same taste and stylistic approach as the adults’ interiors. Gretel room is presented in shades of pink and white: bed, bedside tables, wardrobe and a small dressing table. Hansel, on the other hand, colours its beds, bedside tables, desk and open bookcase in shades of light blue.  Previewed at the Salone, this collection owes its creation to an increasing number of contract requests and will be further extended in the future, with a catalogue dedicated to interiors for youngsters.

The firm’s ability to satisfy any stylistic request and furnishing need is perfectly expressed in its custom-made projects, a good example of which is the latest project signed by Angelo Cappellini for the Ermanno Scervino boutique in the principality of Monaco. The company has produced a semi-circular sofa to customer specification with a three metre-diameter and a gold finish created specifically for this product.  The model is inspired by the Opera Contemporary collections (the third Angelo Cappellini brand whose style is decidedly contemporary), but with classic trims and finishes.  «This project involved a single product but it was nevertheless an important realization – explains Stefano Zecca, Brand Manager of Opera Contemporary – First and foremost, owing to its exclusive location, one of the largest boutiques in Montecarlo, where we hope our collaboration with the design firm Marieux will lead to further opportunities, but also because of the nature of the customer’s request which has united the two spirits of our firm: classic and contemporary. This is a perfect example of how we can handle the most variegated orders but also the way in which different styles can be combined, while preserving the high quality for which Angelo Cappellini is renowned».