Colombo Stile. Dedicated to him

Colombo Stile’s proposal for this 2015 edition represents the home of a cosmopolitan man. A masculine reinterpretation of home, in which classic and contemporary styles cohabit harmoniously to reflect the increasingly borderline existence of today’s man, torn between business activities and the need for a more intimate and homely space.

So furnishings have to reflect his strong personality and colourful lifestyle. The contemporary collections are effectively expressed in the living room of the Elizabeth collection: large sofas, accessories arranged around islands of comfort, «an immense living area for sharing with friends, where we can imagine this young man organizing his parties surrounded by lots of people», explains Alfredo Colombo, company Marketing Manager.

Leaving the theme of conviviality behind us, the contemporary project then enters a more introspective dimension, that of work, with the realization of an office for the Manhattan collection: «We imagine the Colombo Stile office with this large centrally positioned workstation, like a small Wunderkammer, a clean-cut element of generous dimensions in which the focus is on materials, particularly this Ziricote wood variety». Among the contemporary proposals, an impacting rosewood table steals the scene (for dining or conferences), designed by the duo Marco Penati-Marina Bani, who have created a series of tables characterized by a sort of diamond cut workmanship characterizing the legs.

There is also room for some classic ideas in this imaginative home, with the Masterpiece collection for instance, many aspects of which have been updated. The area dedicated to this style is the domestic veranda, a place for welcoming guests in a more formal manner.  Living and dining proposals characterized by fresh-looking colours, lines and decorative elements. What remains unchanged is the savoir-faire of Colombo Stile, with its outstanding carvings and inlayed work.  The crowning gem of the entire installation is the new edition of a chest of drawers by Pietro Piffetti (a 17th century cabinet maker from Turin who used to work for the royal family) entirely made from rosewood, boxwood and vegetable ivory. 

The connecting thread between the contemporary and classic proposals is the Colombo Stile Privée or company atelier, «a sort of cocoon in which we pamper visitors and offer a multi-sensorial experience to those customers who want to go beyond a simple purchasing experience and take a full emersion in the company’s savoir-faire which also extends to customized products». Set up inside company premises, this 200 sq m space «entirely dedicated to materials and know-how», now housing the company’s historical archives, is a creative and dynamic melting pot of ideas which is constantly updated, integrated and rearranged to offer a different experience each time it is visited.