FuoriSalone. Cose da Bocia, the first collection devoted to kids furniture, debuts at FuoriSalone

Cose da Bocia is the first kids collection of furniture design designed by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Head of Uda Studio Architects and it  debuts at FuoriSalone in an international preview on Friday the 17th  from 10 a.m. to 14 p.m. at the Gallery Vanitas in Via Vincenzo Monti.

"Bocia" in the slang of Turin means kid. The collection is created to meet the new  modern family needs more and more used to live spaces fluidly, without a real division between adult’s spaces and children’s ones.

The collection arises, therefore, as a new way of conceiving space in relation to its inhabitants, offering furnishings that fit various needs and different places both able to entertain children, but also to reveal the most ironic side of adults.