Favilla. Light tells its story

The leader of Euroluce is Favilla. To Every Light a Voice a story and an exploration of the essence of light set up in piazza San Fedele and open from 14th to 19th of April. The project has been realised by the architect Attilio Stocchi in order to explain the intrinsic and physical nature of light and how it travels and gets to us through a an immersive experience devoted to light.

FAVILLA is concealed in a large “black box” inside which light is intensified like in a crystal, producing stunning effects. It symbolises the metaphor of the geode: the discovery of a deeper internal world that generates wonder. The show will illustrate the “expression” of light, associated each time with a particular sound. Light is like as a common person, with its states of mind and its voice.

The structure of FAVILLA reflects that of the Greek tragedies, with a prologue, four epeisodia, four stasima and an epilogue. The main section, composed by the four epeisodia, illustrates the four ways in which light travels: rectilinear propagation, diffraction, reflection and refraction, revealing the wave-corpuscle duality of light. The four epeisodia are accompanied by the stasima/intermezzi, the “vital declinations” of these technical characteristics in the natural world: sunrays, chlorophyll and photosynthesis, rainbows.

The installation perfectly integrates into the atmosphere of the Salone del Mobile, but finds further relevance in the celebration of the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015, an event whose aim is to promote awareness, know-how and technology to improve living standards and sustainable development.