HostMilano and the first-class Italian hospitality


To introduce the next edition, which will be held October 23 to 27, and add value to the city and the international business community, Host2015 – renamed for the occasion HostMilano – organized in collaboration with the Milan City Council, Sempre Aperti, a workshop-conference on the subject of “History, style and stars of Milanese first-class hospitality”.

Thanks to the presence of a panel of experts on the subject, the workshop, chaired by well-known journalist and author Carlo Spinelli, provided an insight into the Italian model of first-class hospitality: a wealth of know-how resulting from the expertise of HostMilano and the preparations for EXPO, but increasingly regarded as an excellent basis for the future of Italian hospitality in the medium and long term.

“The figures resulting from the two initiatives we have organized speak for themselves,” commented Franco d’Alfonso, Councilor for Tourism of Milan City Council. “There are more than 20 thousand events in the program for Expo in Città, while more than 1,500 commercial businesses have signed the Expo Treaty, which aims to provide quality services for visitors to the exhibition.”

Alessandro Rosso, Chairman of the Alessandro Rosso Group, spoke about how Italy can capitalize on its lifestyle by focusing on the luxury segments. “The contemporary hotel is the only truly global kind of well-being for a certain category of citizens of the world who are nomads on business, who are bohemian in their lifestyle and demand luxury,” added the architect Dante O. Benini. “With the EXIHS project, at Host2015 we are interpreting this evolution by exploiting the capacity of Italian companies to operate across the board, as general contractors, offering first-class products and services throughout the supply chains and down to the last detail.”

Davide Oldani, multi-starred chef and owner of the D’O restaurant on the outskirts of Milan, ended the proceedings as follows: “In this concept of lifestyle, it’s important to give more space to chefs in hotels, but not only there. For this reason, too, Host2015 is an example of Italian excellence and the concept of hospitality in Italy”.

In harmony with the themes of EXPO, another thing that emerged from the event was the important role being played by food supply chains for the success of the Italian model of first-class hospitality. All of them have specialties that are icons of Italian living in the world, such as pasta or pizza in the ‘Food Service Equipment’ and ‘Bread-Pasta-Pizza’ segments, or Italian espresso coffee and ice-cream in the ‘Coffee/Tea’, ‘Bar/Coffee machines/Vending’ and ‘Ice-cream/Confectionery’ segments.