Brand Nichetto enlarges the collection

After the Elysia Chair, the Stanley sofa and the Laurel living room tables, presented respectively during Stockholm Design Week – February 2014 –  and New York Design Week – May 2014 -, the collection develops further, enhanced by new elements.

With a view to creating a complete domestic environment, new items have been added: the Dubois bed, the bergère armchair Blanche, the Harold writing desk, the Vivien chair, the Marlon table, the modular cabinet Mitch and the Stella pillows.

Reflected in each of the products is the influence of the great American interior designers of the 1950s, Scandinavian design, and Italian postmodernism, which translates into a classic aesthetic where luxury is revealed in the details.

The Nichetto collection is the result of extensive study and of the marriage of skills from diverse disciplines. A group synergy has allowed each collaborator to interpret and borrow from the others, creating unique ob- jects. In addition to designer and art director, Luca Nichetto, designer and model maker, Yulia Yadryshnikova, and expert craftspeople, De La Espada, there is the additional contribution of the photographer Massimo Gardone.

The herbarium, an extensive research project of Gardone’s on natural elements such as flowers and leaves, is an integral part of, and starting point for the research that Luca Nichetto has carried out in the definition of three colour palettes. Found on every continent, the tonalities, warm, cool and neutral, have been applied to the textiles, materials and combinations, enriching the collection with a timeless elegance.

Nichetto is a timeless collection, with a ‘global’ taste. These high quality products work well as an ensemble, and at the same time are easy to mix and match with other elements. These characteristics make them particularly suitable for use in the world of contract interior design, as well as residential design.